Angie Leckrone Explores Medical Field In Her Academy Experience

Angie Leckrone

In her proposal, PHS senior Angie Leckrone indicated that she wanted to experience an in depth look at the medical field, especially pediatrics. 

During her experience she has worked with professionals at NOMS with Dr. Kubitz, a specialist in podiatric medicine and surgery, and at Firelands Regional Medical Center with Dr. Cutler, Dr. Delaney and Dr. Martinez who are completing their family medicine residencies 

Based upon her weekly logs, Angie’s experience is providing her with experiences and knowledge that spans the several fields of medicine. In December, Angie shared the following from her last field experience with Dr. Kubitz: 

Today was my last day at NOMs with Dr. Kubitz, Tracey, Val, and Susan! I was really sad to go, but I thoroughly enjoyed all my visits and all the new knowledge I carry with me now due to the wisdom of others! Today, I went and visited four patients along with Dr. Kubitz.

The first patient had a big wart on his foot and I watched as Dr. Kubitz used the SWIFT machine to transmit microwaves onto the warts. He did this in repetitive sets, up to five times. It was a little nauseating, but I guess not all parts of the medical field can be full of sunshine and rainbows!

Apparently, some people see results immediately after, or some after two/three appointments, it varies between people and depends on how their virus in the warts reacts to the microwaves.

Angie LeckroneAngie has also been shadowing family medicine residents at FRMC, which has allowed her to explore the medical needs of children. While working with Dr. Cutler, Angie had a chance to observe the health check for a ten month old baby. She shared the following:

I got to use a stethoscope today! I listened to the baby’s heartbeat. With infants, there are different developmental milestone checkups, such as one during the one month birthday, two months, four months, six months, nine months, one year, etc. 

When the baby visits back when she turns 12  months, she will be checked to see if she can stand well, take independent steps,  recognize the names of two objects and look when named. This will show that  she is growing well and generally after the 3rd year, checkups can be scheduled annually.

As evidenced in Angie’s reflections, a PHS Academy Experience allows a student to explore interests and learn from professionals in the community. It is only through the  support and cooperation of our many partners such as NOMS and FRMC  that such powerful learning experiences are possible.

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