About Perkins Athletics

Perkins Schools Athletic Department aims to ensure opportunities for students to further enrich their school experience through team and individual sports. Nearly 300 students participate in a wide variety of activities that teach character, perseverance, and hard work at both Perkins High School and Briar Middle School.

View the OHSAA Winter 2023 Parent Meeting Notes Here

As representatives of our community, we set high expectations for our student athletes and use the Perkins Athletic Code of Conduct to ensure student/spectator safety and respect come first. We offer students opportunities to join more than 20 programs.

We also hold our community—our fans—in high esteem. That’s why we offer multiple passes to all of our sporting events to thank you for your support. The passes can be bought here.

Athletics Department Staff 

Ted Sturzinger
PHS Athletic Director
Phone: 419-621-2061
Fax: 419-621-2060

Erick Weisenberger
Briar Athletic Director
Phone: 419-625-0132
Fax: 419-625-0523

Dawn Sullivan
Athletic Secretary – PHS
Phone: 419-621-2061
Fax: 419-621-2060

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